Become a better digital marketer with real-world advice, PPC best practices, and a healthy to-do list after leaving Hero Conf London, 21-22 October at etc.venues St. Paul’s.

This year’s program is well on it’s way to becoming our largest UK event yet, and there is no better time than now to convince your boss to attend. Leave Hero Conf knowing your training spent with us was worth the time and money away from your clients and accounts.

And get it all for £525 off our full price until the next 35 tickets sell out! 

Check out some of the relevant how-to’s you can be sure to take home from this year’s training program.

The Amazon Ads Puzzle | Rod Richmond, Clean Digital

In this session, you will learn:
» How to spot Amazon leakage for your brand (using Analytics, SERP monitoring etc)
» How to split your PPC budgets effectively between Google Shopping and Amazon Ads
» Common pitfalls when getting started with Amazon Ads. Attribution models, seller v vendor and bulk edits.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Pins | Kamlyn Spivey, Hanapin Marketing

In this session, you will learn:
» How to create integrated brand awareness and conversion-driven strategy
» How to effectively utilize Pinterest’s wealth of user data in ultra-targeted audiences
» What is needed from a client to kick-off a successful Pinterest ad account

How Faster Pages Can Give You a Competitive Edge | Larissa Hildebrandt, Unbounce

In this session, you will learn:
» Signs page speed is high priority for Google, and as a result, PPC marketers
» Strategies for taking control of your page speed on desktop and mobile
» How to integrate page speed into your team’s KPIs and reporting

Integrated Marketing: How to Achieve a Truly Holistic Approach Across Digital Channels | Laura Collins, Merkle

In this session, you will learn:
» An understanding of the tools at your disposal to make better decisions about where to spend budget
» Ideas for how to connect with the user at different moments of your journey, thinking less about the traditional funnel and more about how real people are using media in their daily lives
» Proven examples of how an audience-led approach can transform the effectiveness of brands’ digital marketing