Our PPC Hero team of experts has done it again!  Five days of great information on how to get the most out of AdWords Ad Extensions.  It seems like we all took a bit of a 1980’s spin on things this month and rightfully so.  I mean, who doesn’t want to compare the coolness of the Fresh Prince, Bill Cosby, Mallory Keaton, Zach Morris and Sam Malone to Google ad extensions?!

If you missed any part of this series, you must revisit it; especially if your account is suffering from low click-through rates.  As Kayla said in her intro, there have been some updates on extensions and we have learned so much about them this year.  Now we have the stats to prove that they are a worthy tool in our PPC toolbox.  Read on friends and know that not all accounts can be born with silver spoons… you have to work on making them successful.  So get started today and thanks for reading PPC Hero!

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