Your adCenter phrase and broad match keyword traffic might soon look a little like this flood-gate if you don’t monitor it!

Microsoft has announced that they’ll be changing the way broad and phrase match types behave in adCenter. They cited the reason for the change as wanting to give advertisers improved relevancy and better performance when utilizing these match types.

The news brief is, well—brief! There isn’t much mention of how this will affect your account other than getting you more traffic and making you spend more money. So, if your adCenter accounts are on a tight budget, monitor them very closely in the next week. You may have a lot of new traffic coming in, and without adjusting for it, you could see a lot of dollars going out.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground on this update here are PPC Hero for more detailed information, but it sounds like they could be opening the flood gates a little here. In this article that Bethany wrote in June, you can see how Bing’s broad and phrase match types differ from AdWords, and how they were working in adCenter. It sounds like broad match might start to work more like Google’s, and that will for sure increase your traffic. As for changes to phrase match, your guess is as good as mine! Whatever the exact details of the change, it’s clear you should keep your eyes on your account for a while and make the changes needed to keep your spend under control.