One of my larger clients is a resort/casino here in Indiana. The resort truly is beautiful, but there have been many other resorts/casinos popping up in the Indianapolis area making for some good competition.

I typically like to include as many benefits in my PPC ad texts as possible. Whether a client is offering free shipping, or free returns, or even free estimates/quotes, those ads will typically get the higher click-through rate therefore helping to increase my Quality Score.

One thing I have tried here recently is putting in customer testimonials into my clients’ ad text. I pulled the testimonials right off their website and incorporated them into my Google ads. They’ve been running for almost a month now and one ad has a click-through rate of 9.33% which is 20% higher than the average of my other two ads.


A few other ads I’m testing with the testimonials in them have only been running for a few weeks, but have already exceeded the best performing ad in that ad group. It’s important when you’re testing ads to give them plenty of time to generate enough traffic for a statistically valid sample size. .

If you’re trying to test different messaging in your ads to increase your click-through rates, be sure to check your campaign settings and set your ad delivery settings to ‘rotate’ and not ‘optimize’. Having it set to optimize Google will show only your best performing ad which doesn’t allow you to test your other ads evenly.

Since Quality Score is mainly based off of your click through rates, I would recommend testing all kinds of different messaging in your PPC ads. Try looking at your competitors, and find benefits for your company that can set you apart. Try adding testimonials, offers, phone numbers etc. What may not work for one person may work well for another. It’s up to you to test it and try it out for yourself!