If you’re already dealing with a small image size, as you are in crafting Facebook advertisements, you never want to zoom out on the subject matter — that’ll just make the item appear microscopic.

Instead fill the frame with your image. This is especially the case when you’re selling a physical item. The following ad, along with my edited version of it, provides a nice “before and after” case study of this dynamic:

Moon and Lola Facebook AdDo you see how freaking tiny that necklace looks when the image is zoomed all the way out to show lots of chain and two smaller inset photos?

What’s the point of that? What are the inset photos supposed to do, because they certainly don’t show scale or provide us with an alternate angle or view of the product.

Now take a look at this zoomed-in version I pulled from the company’s fan page and cropped to size:

Monogram Necklace Facebook AdThe difference is night and day.

Not only did I fill the frame with the image, but I even cropped some of the monogram out of the frame to do so.

Granted, I lost a bit of perspective by doing this, but I gained a whole lot of impact for the trade. Plus, the slight lack of perspective adds a bit of curiosoty, causing viewers to check out the headline for context clues. And by changing the headline, I am able to re-orient the prospect to what they’re looking at. So not only is the tade-off worth it, the supposed “downside” even becomes an added benefit.

And there you have it: when using images of products for Facebook Ads, don?t zoom out for perspective, but fill the frame with your lovely product.