Adwords Interface Gets a Facelift

This morning I logged into one of our accounts and noticed that the look of our Adwords campaign interface had changed slightly.

Instantly, I noticed a button that says “Online Campaigns” which indicates that Adwords will display other types of advertising venues in the near future (i.e. offline campaigns). The date range selection has been shifted to the left side of the page. The campaign view choices (all, all active, all but deleted) have been changed from a drop down menu to linked choices. The links used to create new campaigns have moved. Formerly they all were found at the top of the Campaign Summary page. Now each link can be found in the title bar of the campaign groups. For instance, to create a new online campaign, go to the Online Campaigns group and click the link reading Create new online campaign.

These changes are not monumental as far as managing accounts is concerned, but I am interested to see how they integrate “online” and “other” campaigns.

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