Do you use Google AdWords’ conversion optimizer or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)? Well, now you can use them both together. Google Ads recently announced that the automated bidding strategies that use conversion data are now available for your remarketing lists for search.

If you are unfamiliar with the conversion optimizer, the way it works is you set CPA goals instead of a CPC or CPM goal. This allows AdWords to use historical data to automate your bids in an effort to give you the most conversions possible at your CPA goal.

The Risk: You allow AdWords to adjust you bids.

The Reward: AdWords uses historical data to adjust your bids, potentially maximizing conversion volume while still hitting CPA goals.

So, when using the optimizer on your RLSAs, it will adjust your bids based on the history of your remarketing lists using conversion data. This feature allows AdWords to manage your remarketing for search bids in real-time.

AdWords has also updated their help center in order to help you get started with using conversion optimizer for your search remarketing advertising.