With eCommerce week coming to a close we wanted to glean more information from our authors as all have a vast and diverse history working with eCommerce PPC campaigns. Hopefully, they provided good insight this week that you can test in your campaigns! Without further ado, here’s the question:

What is one eCommerce PPC feature/campaign type that has produced great results for you and why?

Better Search Remarketing

The addition of search audiences has been huge for my eCommerce accounts! Having the power to better target qualified traffic with more direct ad copy or just increase bids on more qualified traffic has been amazing.

It allows me to choose to pay higher CPCs when I know the conversion rates are going to be higher with these more qualified audiences. It’s also allowed me to create cool new campaigns like RDSA campaigns. The more control we get over who we’re targeting, the better!

Amanda West-Bookwalter, Senior Account Manager

PLAs and Now Google Shopping

Product Listing Ads and Shopping campaigns have made a huge impact on performance in my eCommerce accounts. My PLA campaigns yield 4X higher conversion rates compared to other Search and Display campaigns. Using the “Promotion” ad extensions with your PLAs can also really help amp up performance. As PLAs transition to Shopping campaigns they will also become much easier to manage in the UI. If you are in eCommerce and not using Google Shopping, it’s time to jump on the train!

— Cassie Oumedian, Senior Account Manager

Dynamic Search Ads

I’ve loved seeing Dynamic Search Ads do well in my eCommerce accounts. As a skeptic of many things “dynamic,” I was unsure of the results we’d see. I’ve had to eat my hat on this one, though, as the results I’ve experienced can’t be contested. My DSA campaign, which is segmented into my top performing products, has generated the most sales of any Search Campaign over the last two months, with a CPA similar to my Shopping campaign. DSA campaigns are simple to create and we’re beginning to move from introductions to Dynamic Search Ads into advanced optimizations that make every impression that much more powerful!

— Carrie Albright, Account Manager

Google Shopping All The Way

Google Shopping continues to be the primary driver of conversions and revenue in my accounts. Searchers are drawn immediately to the images which also give price and brand information. Even with the success of PLAs, these clicks are less expensive than text ads. Getting the Shopping campaigns setup is always my first initiative.

— Matt Umbro, Senior Account Manager, Community