Today, Google announced a site that acts as a one-stop shop for all your Google Adwords tools called the Google Agency Tool Kit.  Within the site is several tools advertisers use every day to help create and optimize their PPC accounts.  Below is a list of the tools on the page with a brief description of each.

Tools to Plan:

  • Ad Planner – Create targeted media plans according to websites you find your target audience is most frequently visiting.
  • Insights for Search – Get insights about what users are searching for across the world. Track location patterns, interest levels and seasonality.
  • Blogsearch – Find any blog about any subject!
  • Hot Trends – Stay informed of current search trends. Track the top searches of the past hour.
  • Traffic Estimator – Get traffic estimates on your PPC keywords.


  • Placement Tool – Find websites within the Google content network to place your companies ads on to gain targeted traffic.
  • Ad Preview Tool – Preview your PPC ads across the world without triggering an impression or a click.
  • Site and Category Exclusion Tool – Exclude particular websites from displaying your ads on the content network.


  • Search-based Keyword Tool – Get keyword ideas based on actual search queries matched to your website.
  • Campaign Optimizer – Get a custom Adwords proposal for increasing your campaign impressions, clicks and revenue.
  • AdWords Editor – Make large scale changes in a flash!
  • AdWords API – Build applications that interact with Google’s platform to streamline account edits.


  • YouTube Insight – View detailed stats about the videos you upload on youtube.
  • Analytics – Get website data like visits, leads, sales and top content pages.
  • Conversion Optimizer – Manage your PPC costs around specific conversion goals you set.
  • Conversion Tracking – Learn which keywords your users are converting on.
  • Website Optimizer – Test your landing pages to get the biggest bang for your buck!
  • Webmaster Tools – View stats on your website pages like inbound and outbound links, 404 pages and more.

Add this to your bookmarks so that you don’t have to go digging around for these tools online anymore – you can simply go to this one page to access all of your most-used tools.  Thanks Google!  : )