Greetings PPC Hero readers! I got a Blackberry this week. And I love it. It really is a Crackberry. That’s really all I have for you this week. Enjoy the blogs!

  • If you use AdCenter for international campaigns (anyone?), their blog has posted some advice for you. They are pretty generic and can be applied for most of your campaigns anyways, so take a quick look.
  • Most of you have seen the new beta interface of AdWords. Katherine Anderson from ROI Revolution gives us her take and what it will do to make things even easier.
  • Blogation may have uncovered a subtle change in Google’s policy on double serving, leaving the door open for affiliate marketing. Economy related? Quite possibly.
  • Speaking of Blackberrys, it has definitely made me think about mobile search being crucial to keep an eye on. I guess I’m not the only one. Semvironment gives us some info about a mobile AdWords tool to check out.
  • Chris Crum from Web Pro News gives us an interview with John Federman, President and CEO of Searchandise Commerce about some things to do with online advertising.
  • Google Analytics is broken? Or at least there are bits of JavaScript that could be better. SEO Moz has the scoop (promoted from YOUMoz).
  • There’s always new search engines coming out, mostly unsuccessful in carving out any niche. This one, SearchMe, has visual paid search ads. Could be pretty cool. The Post Click Marketing team has the scoop.