Hero Academy is Hanapin’s newest initiative featuring short and basic how-tos on paid advertising in a variety of platforms. Current topics include the basics of Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Quora, Excel, + more.

AND NOW, we’ve released 4 BRAND NEW videos!

Along with videos that show you the basics of getting started in different platforms, Hero Academy will also offer videos on new features and formats available.

In these new releases you’ll learn:

  • Why you would want to use LinkedIn Profile targeting through Microsoft Advertising and how to get startedHow to create a new campaign in the self-service model of the Amazon DSP
  • Brief overview of the brand safety standards available in Amazon DSP
  • How to pull a search term report in Amazon to find your negative keywords and adding them to your campaign
  • An overview of what YouTube TrueView ads are and how they work
  • Bidding strategies you can use for TrueView ads

Don’t see any topics that interest you? Stay tuned! We are releasing new videos on a monthly basis.

Hero Academy is FREE to all marketers. Once you sign-up, you’ll have access to all videos currently in the Academy and all the new ones added thereafter.