An Introduction To Yahoo Gemini

By Hayley Cummings | @Hanapin | Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing

Are you looking for a way to expand your reach in Display advertising? Like most PPC advertisers, you have likely delved into interest based targeting and remarketing on Google’s Display Network. Beyond Google is another display tactic worth testing – Yahoo Gemini.


Gemini showcases ads within the Yahoo and Yahoo Partner site network. The program is not part of Bing Ads and your ads will not show on any Bing, Microsoft or Bing affiliate properties within the YBN (Yahoo Bing Network). Your YBN ads being managed through will be opted into Gemini unless you opt out (more info here).


Gemini does offer mobile and tablet inventory for your search text ads with native ads being offered on all devices. A native ad may appear within a steam of content including the search engine results page on Basically, it is a way to blur the lines between online content and advertising that is less abrasive and to the consumer, feels like a more natural way to digest the information.


After you log into Gemini you will find this screen, which will include an option to create a new campaign. See below:


Image of new Yahoo Gemini campaign


First you will find yourself being asked whether the campaign will be for branding purposes or to drive traffic to the website. This will later be displayed as a ‘Goal’ within the interface. Here is what that looks like:


Image of drive traffic campaign




Image of brand awareness campaign


Once you decide what the goal of the campaign will be you can begin to create your ads. The first thing you will need is an image that will need to be 1200 X 627 pixels. Not meeting these criteria will be clearly displayed after the image is uploaded. For example:


Image of creating your ad


Once your image has been sized correctly you will see a green check mark next to the edit link. See below:


Image of editing an image


Now that your image is sized correctly you will need to make sure that the Basic Image (second image above) includes a portion of your Large Image that will make the best ad.


Image of basic image


Now that your images are sized and cropped you can move on to the messaging. If the goal of your campaign is to drive traffic to the website you may want different messaging than a branding campaign. Keep your goal in mind while writing. Here is how this section will look with an example ad that promotes Hero Conf.


Image of Hero Conf ad


As you can see, you can view your ad on the right and keep track of character limits next to each portion of the ad. When you are done, click “Save Ad.”


Now that you have created your first ad, you are ready to think about targeting. If you have created Display campaigns in AdWords you will be familiar with keyword, demographic and interest targeting. Like all campaigns you will have the ability to language and geo-target as well.


Image of targeting settings


You can browse the different interests and if you have an ad created you may have some suggested keywords appear prior to adding your own. Remember, on the content network keywords are broad match. Meaning, the keyword above “Hanapin marketing” could match to any content or search query that contains “Hanapin” or “marketing” separately. Think about how this could impact the type of content you will show up along side. You can edit these targeting setting at any point; so don’t worry about testing something and being stuck with it forever. If you are interested in setting up script automation for these campaigns, which would include optimizing and measuring performance, apply for a Gemini API.


Now that your targeting is set up, you will need to set up the daily budget and CPCs. If you click the “advanced pricing” link on the top right you will be given an option to designate a mobile CPC separate from desktop. See images below.


Image of settings and budget


Advanced Pricing:


Image of advanced pricing


Now that you have set up your campaign the final step will be to add funding. You can do this by credit card and it is pretty simple to set up. Good Luck! (don’t forget to look for a credit for being a first time users!)


Image of Gemini credit

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