AdWords scripts are great (and increasingly popular) for automating tedious or time-consuming tasks and allowing you to spend more time creating, optimizing, and gaining insights from your campaigns. But at their best, scripts can also help deliver those insights and let you get right to work on implementing the ideas that result.

That’s exactly what two new AdWords scripts from Hero Pro are intended to do.

Individually, the new scripts help you analyze your average positions and identify your top converting keywords, but they’re both aimed squarely at the singular, timeless pursuit of AdWords account managers everywhere: Optimizing conversion rates.

Here’s a breakdown of how they work:

Average Position

  • How it Works: The Average Position script calculates and delivers your account’s conversion rates based on your ads’ average position at the keyword level.
  • Why We Love It: Average position can vary, and so can the conversion rates that result. But any good account manager knows that in the big leagues it’s not all about ranking highest: It’s about ranking where it’s most profitable for your account. This script takes some of the leg work out of finding that sweet spot.

Converting Keywords

  • How it Works: The Converting Keywords script tells you which specific keywords are converting in your account during a date range you select.
  • Why We Love It: Seeing conversions based on specific keywords can allow you to create a wealth of optimizations, including ad text, bid management, and, of course, the keywords themselves. This script makes tracking those conversion rates easy so you can focus more time on delivering the actual optimizations.

Sound intriguing? We thought it did too — that’s why we wrote them! The scripts are only available with a Hero Pro account, which you can try free for seven days.

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