Automatic Item Updates Available for Google Shopping

By Jacob Brown | @jakebrownppc | Sr. Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

Want to see a 50% reduction in your price-related item disapprovals for your shopping campaigns? Use Google’s new automatic item updates.

How Does It Work?

If Google notices a difference between your product data in the Merchant Center and your website’s data your products will automatically be updated rather than disapproved if you enable automatic item updates. This new feature will be very helpful for the holiday season, as your prices change and you are getting ready to launch new product listing ads for the holidays.

How Is It Set Up?

In order to set up automatic item updates you must implement microdata on your website. The mircrodata structure allows platforms such as Google to extract the product information on your site. In order to implement microdata you must add the HTML available at onto your site. Click here to learn more about Microdata for Google Shopping.

Once the HTML is on your site you must go into your Google Merchant Center and enable automatic item updates.

Auto Update Items

Through this settings option you can choose if you want your prices, availability, or both automatically updated. You can also choose to update items that are listed as “in stock” on the website, but “out of stock” in the Merchant Center in order to keep those “in stock” product ads running.

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