I love great black and white photos. Texture seems to come to life in black and white and older photos of the past just seem to belong to the world of black and white.

But I hate them when it comes to Facebook ads, even when they seem to work. Take a look at these two ads for an example:

Granted, those are pretty cool images, but they’re not great images for Facebook ads.


Because black and white photos blend too easily into a black and white background. Those kind of photos sacrifice the biggest eye-catching advantage images have on Facebook — the ability to use COLOR to grab attention in a largely black and white (and blue) world.

Just imagine those same photos with a saturated green $100 bill and a saturated green camo helmet and living-color face underneath it…

Those images just got a whole lot more vivid and eye catching didn’t they?

So just how difficult is it to colorize those images for anyone even moderately talented at photoshop? Not hard right?

And that’s the point — why not make your photo as eye-catching as possible, while retaining the emotional resonance and relevance?

You may love black and white photos like I do, but I’d advise you to avoid them for Facbeook ads like I do as well.