Yesterday, Bing announced the release of a new feature: the Top Movers feature, very similar to what AdWords offers under the “Home” selection on their navigation bar.

Bing’s official release reports that the new tool will help illuminate variations in clicks and spend, pick out campaigns and ad groups that are the greatest source of these variations, and even potentially reveal the root causes of these changes.

This tool can be found in the Bing Ads interface under the dimensions tab.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.50.07 PM


The Bing Top Mover tool provides a list of campaigns and/or ad groups that have undergone the starkest change in performance between two time frames specified by the user.

The tool with segment its findings into four categories:

1)   Top increases — changes that have had the greatest positive impact on the account.

2)   Top decreases — changes that have had the greatest negative impact on the account.

3)   Other changes — changes that were less significant, and therefore not considered “top movers”.

4)   Details table — a list of “top movers” that have had the greatest overall impact on account performance.

Possible Root Cause

As mentioned above, Bing’s new Top Mover feature will contain a report that identifies a selection of possible causes. Bing asserts that their Top Movers sets itself apart from similar tools provided by “other search providers” by taking into consideration three different types of change.

1)   Account changes — campaign status changes, changes to bids or budgets, or editorial status changes.

2)   Search traffic — changes in eligible search volume

3)   Competitor data — fluctuations in competitor aggressiveness.

Here’s a snapshot of what this tool looks like in the interface.

In addition to announcing the release of the tool, Bing also promised future additions to provide granularity beyond campaign/ad group level insights, as well as top-mover identification being applied to support metrics, such as conversions.

Check out this video to learn more!

(featured image by Loco Steve/Flickr)