Recently, at the Microsoft 3rd Annual Partner Summit, Bing Ads announced a new offering that is intended to put people at the center of marketing. In comes: the Microsoft Audience Network.

The Microsoft Audience Network is a new AI-powered audience marketing solution that helps businesses connect to the people that matter to them throughout the consumer journey across search, web and apps. Their solution offers advanced audience targeting and brand safe native placements.

Microsoft Graph

At the center of the Microsoft Audience Network is the Microsoft Graph. Bing combined the customer data sets with machine learning to connect businesses with the consumers that matter most to them. Bing fills billions of global searches monthly generating quality intent signals.

The Microsoft Graph leverages search and web activity as well as Microsoft demographic and LinkedIn professional profile information to create a dataset with knowledge of consumers’ interests and preferences.

Note: This data is anonymize and is secured in Bing’s advertising systems. It prioritizes brand safety and does not allow targeting based on any sensitive categories.

Top Reasons To Use Microsoft Audience Ads

  • Additional volume
    • Boost impressions and traffic through brand-safe, native content placements.
  • More high-quality clicks
    • By extending your Bing Ads search campaigns to native, you can increase high-quality clicks from your target audience.
  • Increase conversions
    • Your ads can reach a much larger audience, increasing your chances for conversions.
  • Greater reach you can trust
    • Reach customers on MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Edge and Bing syndicated partner sites.
  • Boosted performance, powered by artificial intelligence
    • AI and machine learning help guide ad selection and relevancy matching, along with pricing, click and conversion prediction to help deliver improved marketing ROI.
  • Performance tracking is easy
    • Use the same Bing Ads tools, reports and analytics to monitor your campaign performance.

Supported Ad Types

Responsive Ads

Use responsive ads on your audience campaigns, separate from your search campaign. The Microsoft Audience Network can support two responsive ad formats: image-based ads and feed-based ads. Responsive ads automatically adjust to accommodate the sizes and shapes of native ad formats.

Image-based ads

Use image-based ads to engage your customers with visuals. Images are compatible across different platforms, publishers and placements, allowing you to use existing assets from your campaigns on the Google Display Network and Facebook.

Feed-based ads

Using Product Audiences, you can remarket to customers based on the specific products they viewed or added to their cart. Feed-based ads, dynamic remarketing, promote those same products to customers.

Wrapping Up

Are you excited to implement more AI centered updated into your accounts? Let us know your thoughts and concerns about machine learning.