Bing Ads Editor For Mac Is (Finally) Here

By Bri Saxman | @brisaxman | Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Bing Ads Editor (BAE) for Mac has long been the most highly requested feature on the Bing Ads user forum. In fact, I wrote about the top reasons I couldn’t wait for it a few months ago when Mac users got word that Bing Ads had started work on the Mac version for release in early summer 2016. And look at that, now it is (finally) here!

The team announced at SMX Advanced that the beta version is available in the US. The Mac version has uniformity with the PC version of Bing Ads Editor, which had a redesign in May. It improved processing speed, allowed multiple-account sign-in, and gained cross-account cut-and-paste, among other lucrative features. The high speed is one feature that is immediately noticeable while using the new BAE for Mac.

One of the pain points many Mac users experienced before BAE for Mac was having to use a remote desktop to access BAE. It was messy and annoying when you got kicked off by a colleague trying to sign on. Now, look at this little icon I have on my Mac. It is mine and mine alone!


Let’s take a look below at the main campaign editing interface. You’ll notice the layout is similar to AdWords Editor 11, with vertical navigation in the lower left column. This helps with fluidity from one editor to the other, as they were rather different before.


Here is a closer look at the navigation bar (Note that there is still no “check changes” option, which I am rooting for them adding in the near future).


Complete with similar warning signals to AdWords Editor.


A couple of other noteworthy features of Bing Ads Editor for Mac are Advanced Search and Advanced Options capabilities. You can easily build and save multi-dimensional queries with advanced search.


From the Advanced Options drop-down, you can conduct tasks such as adjusting multiple campaign budgets by a percentage or fixed amount with minimum and maximum thresholds.


Users can also import campaigns from AdWords into BAE. Yes, that’s right, right in the editor!

The release of a Mac version marks an important milestone and accentuates a shift in engineering priorities that have been apparent over the past year, with a number of top–requested features getting checked off the list. Bing Ads listened and has delivered a solid beta when it said it would. What will the future hold?

All users can sign up for the beta today. Bing Ads has begun accepting beta testers from the US. English-speaking users in other countries will be accepted by the end of summer, and later for other supported languages and markets.

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