Bing Ads recently updated the Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool in their user interface. The Bing Ad Preview Tool, similarly to the Google Ad Preview Tool, is used to see what queries your ads are showing on, and to see what your ad looks like and what position your ad is in on each query. You can see if and where your ad is showing in different locations, in different languages, and on different domains.

The tool is located under Tools > Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tools as seen below:

Bing Tools

Originally, this tool was used for text ads. Now you can see if your product ads are showing along with your text ads.

If your product ads are not showing Bing will give an explanation as to why, just as it does for text ads:

Product Ad Diagnosis

If your products ads are triggered by the query and advanced options you selected, you will be able to preview your ad just as you preview your text ads:

Shoe Product Ads

The tool will also be able to preview how your ads are displayed on Mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm webOS and Windows Phone operating systems. This is another great feature to have in order to show your difference in ad rank from desktop to mobile.

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