Bing Announces Changes to Interface, New Metric, and More

By Kevin Klein | @kkwrites | Former PPC Hero

While we of course love Bing for its non-aesthetical properties (a wonderful personality, and always shows up to the party with a kick-butt bowl of bean dip), no one’s discouraging it from a trip to the beauty parlor.

Okay, okay, Microsoft is changing more than just the interface’s appearance, as they detailed on Monday.

Bing Ads will now feature:

  • Destination URL auto-tagging
  • Online insertion orders, increasing the ease in which you can track budgets and manage payments
  • The “Top Mover” feature, which Bing is presently (and cryptically) touting as a new performance indicating metric that will provide insights regarding discrepancies in performance between ads.

And then there’s the makeover:

Here’s what you’re used to seeing.

And here’s what’s coming your way.

Between the segmented-tab graphics and the stacked line graphs, looks like Bing might be taking a page out of the AdWords Book of Beauty.

Bing also released the following video to announce the upcoming changes:

(featured image by Trey Ratliff/Flickr)

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