Ad extensions are one of the best ways to make your ads stand out to customers searching for you. Bing recently released two new extensions that you have been seeing on Google for some time now, callout and review extensions. Here’s a review of how they work.

Callout Extensions: Highlight specific products, services, deals, or selling points to your customers by placing customizable snippets of text beneath your ads.

Review Extensions: Showcase your website by adding positive reviews from trusted third-party sources.

Extensions build trust for your brand, increase CTR, and showcase what makes your website unique. Elevating your ads with extensions is an easy way to make your website stand out. Now let’s dig in a little deeper.

Callout Extensions

Find what makes your business better than the rest.  Then show it off with Callout Extensions.  They provide an extra snippet of text that highlights your website’s products or offers. This extension is not clickable and can appear in addition to your ad’s description.


Here’s even more information:

  • A given ad will display up to four callouts, with a minimum of two required
  • Callout Extensions will serve alongside any other ad extensions
  • Callouts are not clickable, but they are free to use, and should not duplicate information already present within an ad – make it unique!
  • Each campaign and ad group can have up to 20 Callout Extensions, allowing plenty of room for testing

Review Extensions

Review extensions enable you to build trust with potential customers by adding a positive review from a trusted 3rd party source beneath your ads. Win an award recently? Make sure you use a Review Extension.


Additional information includes:

  • A given ad will display only one review
  • Similar to callouts, reviews also serve alongside your other ad extensions
  • The review text itself is not clickable, but clicks on the review source (which link to the page containing the review) are free!
  • Reviews and their corresponding sources have specific editorial guidelines that are similar to Google.

You can import Callout and Review Extensions directly from AdWords, or you can create them in the Bing Ad Extensions tab. These extensions provide a quick and easy way to add more content to your ads. We’ve all seen what they can do in Google, now let’s try them out in Bing.

P.S. We’ve heard there are other Bing Ad Extensions just around the corner… keep your eye out.