Blog News Roundup for December 26th

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • From the Adwords Agency Blog, Quality Score fact of the day states that a few bad performance days from testing is not going to kill your quality score. In fact Google recommends you test your ads and landing pages to see what’s working and what’s not. As long as you delete the non-performers you’ll be okay.
  • Search Engine Journal has an interesting post on ways clients can help their PPC agency succeed.  Trust, collaboration, and communication are just three of the ways they’ve listed.
  • We are always looking for quality content about the Google AdWords Quality Score. One element of the Quality Score that can trip people up is the Landing Page Quality Score. Brad Geddes has written a helpful article at Search Engine Land regarding this topic. Check it out.
  • Scott Brinker is my go-to guy for landing page tactics. He has recently written an article over at Search Engine Land about segmenting search users with a 2-step landing page. Great article. Read the entire article here.
  • Looking for a great list of PPC resources?  SEOmoz published their “big list” of PPC resources last week.  While some of our favorites weren’t included on the list, we discovered some new PPC resources.  We love new PPC resources.
  • Tracking e-commerce in Google Analytics is a great way to ensure you’re generating a great ROI with PPC.  The Analytics blog published this post on how to properly track and analyze your e-commerce website’s performance.  Good stuff!
  • Jeremy has hit the nail on the head with this post on AdWords budget settings.  It’s a great reminder of how so many advertisers limit themselves with restrictive budgets or worse yet, improper account settings (i.e. standard vs. accelerated ad delivery).

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