Blog News Roundup for Friday, May 29, 2009

  • Do you like to party hard on the holidays? If so you don’t want to miss this excuse for a party from the YSM Blog. Amongst some of the more well known holidays are a myriad of different celebrations that advertisers may use to focus their search campaigns. Personally, I’m looking forward to Ugly Dog Day at the end of June, but I don’t think I have a search campaign that can benefit from it!
  • There’s a new search brand in town, Bing! I love that word. It’s so catchy. This new type of search engine or Decision Engine from Microsoft is one of a kind. Steve Ballmer announced the arrival of the new product yesterday at the All Things Digital conference.
  • Sonia Simone analyzes how we all lost faith in our ability to make sound financial decisions (hint: it involves carnivals and sea monkeys). Find out how your customers’ lack of faith affects your ROI and how to counteract the doubt with trustworthy, credible content and site structure.
  • Weird, but natural I guess- an analysis of how tweeting could compare to PPC . Brian Carter offers an interesting perspective on Twitter and its use in advertising -I haven’t seen it laid out this way before, maybe you haven’t either. Yet another way to think about the possibilities Twitter offers.
  • There is nothing like a little myth busting! The folks over at the Post-Click Marketing Blog have created a great list of “best practices” for increasing landing page conversion rates that may not be “best” for you. Successful landing pages boil down to one fact: give users what they want.
  • What is a better question in regards to PPC: “What” or “How”? If you ask Greg Meyers at SEM Geek he will tell you to focus son the “What?” So, what the heck does all of this mean? You’ll just have to find out for yourself.
  • For almost all PPC campaigns, the debate will come up regarding bidding on branded keywords. If you think the argument can go both ways, read this post from Search Engine Journal. It is a strongly supported argument on the value of bidding on branded keywords.

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