The foundation of every pay-per-click campaign is keywords. Plain and simple. Without a solid keyword foundation your campaigns will be on shaky ground. By this I mean if you don’t have a well-thought-out plan for your initial keyword research, as well as continued keyword expansion, you could be hindering your PPC performance, possibly from the inception of your campaign.

Next week we’ll be laying down the blueprint for a successful keyword research plan, from the ground up. This is why PPC Hero has put on the hard hat and Carhartt gear and he’s ready to get dirty because keywords are the soil and foundation from which you construct your PPC campaign, and working at this granular level can be messy!

Here are the topics we’ll be covering!

Monday: Why You Are Selling Your Keyword Research Short Because You Have a Poor Research Strategy

Tuesday: Expand Your Keyword List For Free: 6 keyword tools you should be using (but probably aren’t)

Wednesday: Need More Traffic? Stop Thinking So Hard and Review Your Website for New Keywords

Thursday: Do You Only Use Broad Match? Increase Your ROI by Utilizing Match Types and Negative Keywords

Friday: Are You Hurting Your Keywords’ Performance? Without a Great Account Structure You Just Might Be