Choose Future Hero Conf Summit Topics!

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing


If you haven’t heard yet, Hero Conf is tackling conversion in a brand new event coming up in October of this year. Hero Conf Conversion Summit will be held October 14-15 at the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis. Along with the deep, actionable education you’ve come to expect from the Hero Conf brand, the Summit will focus specifically on conversion with two tracks, Science and Magic.

Side Note: Seriously, are those not the coolest words to define as the technical (Science) and design (Magic) aspects of conversion rate optimization?? It’s almost like Disney Imagineering….almost.

But like any superhero out to save the world, we’re not done yet. We’re in the midst of planning for future Hero Conf Summits, but we need your help on choosing the most relevant topics.

So help us out and rank the following topics from the most relevant to the least relevant in your opinion. And be prepared for more awesomeness in the future…..

New Paid Social Insights to Maximize Your ROAS

In this webinar panel discussion, Hootsuite’s Ryan Ginsberg, AdStage’s JD Prater, and Hanapin’s Steve Burnett will team up to walk you through all the new and exciting changes in social and offer opinions and strategies to use them for your benefit.

Amazon Updates AMS Reporting Abilities

Amazon has updated the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) reporting abilities and insights. With the new reporting abilities, high-level account data is easily accessible and custom date ranges can be selected as well. There are also several new marketing reports that can be downloaded for more...