Did you know buzzfeed advertises on Facebook?  Did you know they’re not advertising for paid subscriptions or buzzfeed t-shirts or anything, but simply flogging their content/articles?

Check it out:

A Facebook ad that shows a woman doing the robot

Of course, when I say their articles, that’s not entirely true; they only really advertise “paid content” or “native advertising” — i.e., posts that a corporate advertiser like Samsung or Nike has paid them to help write and promote.

But still, it’s an interesting idea, when you think about it in terms of Facebook ad’s hyper-targeting and the idea of advertising content marketing pieces for B2B and “considered purchases.”

For example, why let your blog on B2B Sales Training languish without readers when you could create a piece of flagship content and advertise it to Sales Managers in specific verticals and industries that you sell to?

Sure, something about B2B Sales won’t have the mass appeal as “12 Times It’s Appropriate To Do The Robot,” but it won’t have to appeal to everybody — just the sliced and diced audience you choose to advertise to.

I’m betting that whatever your business is, you’ve come across some entertaining and relevant piece of content that’s caused you to stop your day at some point and read it. Perhaps even to share it. And maybe you heard about it from another blog, a newsletter, or a tweet or something, but what makes you think you couldn’t just as easily click on a link like that from Facebook?

Nothing. There’s nothing to prevent you from hooking a reader with a Facebook ad, except your ability to:

a)  Create an interesting, relevant, and entertaining piece of content, and

b) Creat an attention grabbing ad.

But, hey, there’s lots of advice available on this blog around how to create that attention-grabbing ad, and there are plenty of great copywriters out there that would like nothing better than to help you create that content.

So what are you waiting for?