Current Trends Impacting the PPC Industry [PPC Hero Live Summit Session!]

By Kayla Kurtz | @one800kayla | Senior Digital Advisor at Hanapin Marketing

As if the words “right-hand side ads” weren’t scary enough, the PPC industry continues to change and evolve almost daily. That’s one of the reasons our team wants to share our experiences and expertise with you through our very first PPC Hero Live Summit and we’re excited to have you!

In the opening session with myself and Jeff Allen, President of Hanapin, we’ll discuss multiple facets of PPC and the trends we’ve seen in the last year and looking forward. Some of those topics will include:

  • Paid social and the expansion of that marketplace in the last 12 months
  • How programmatic buys are becoming more and more popular with Enterprise-level clients who need that extra branding or competitive boost
  • Right-side ads: what this definitely means for our industry as a whole
  • Why the influx of ‘agency-as-consultants’ as the new preferred method for XL Enterprise account management
  • While we’re on the topic – what is with all these project-based engagements?!
  • Is mobile still performing like it was forecasted to?

Plus much, much more! We’ll deliver some hard facts and data – but also give you our opinions on just where all these segments measure up moving in to the future.

And let us know what else you want to hear about! Give Jeff and I ideas on topics to cover (@JeffAllenUT or @One800Kayla or comment below) and we’ll do what we can to work them in.

Make sure you register for our FREE PPC Hero Live Summit event on March 16th – we’re looking forward to it!


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