Programmatic technology allows advertisers to take everything they know about their customers and potential customers and deliver a unique experience at each stage of the consumer journey.

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Marketing managers are eager to take advantage of these opportunities, but many struggle to adapt and fully leverage the channel’s unique capabilities. CPM-based buying models and highly-flexible targeting complicate the transition away from PPC-only advertising, leaving many advertisers unsure of where to start.

In this webinar, Hanapin’s John Williams and MightyHive’s Ellen Perfect discuss programmatic’s expanding role within a mature digital strategy and walk through the ways advertisers can change their approach to the channel.

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  • How PPC advertisers can better leverage the channel’s audience-generation and reach-expansion capabilities.
  • How to optimize programmatic strategy and boost overall digital advertising outcomes.
  • How the leading programmatic advertisers define and measure their KPIs.

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