Adding different variations of your branded keywords can greatly increase your traffic, leads and sales. I have two concrete examples of this technique that have worked for me in the past.

In the chart below I’ve documented five weeks of testing by adding various branding keyword terms half way through. You’ll see that in the first three weeks, I only have one keyword which is my company name. Beginning week four I added different variations of my company name that I didn’t think of in weeks one, two and three.

From week three to week four my conversions increased by 350%, and by week five they increased 550% from week three.

Example One (click on the image below to view graph)


In addition to adding different variations of keywords I included exact, broad and phrase match for each keyword. I didn’t change bids on these keywords, so the average position remained at a steady position 2 for each week.

In my second example you can see that adding just a few additional variations helped increase our leads by 61% in a month. Don’t forget to add Exact, phrase and broad match for all keywords.

Example Two (click on image below to view graph)


What I learned from these experiments is to not only follow the keyword tools but not to think so hard about your keywords to the point where you may miss the obvious ones.