During this week’s webinar, we went over some best practices for guiding your customers through the ecommerce sales funnel, and came to terms with the fact that the path changes all the time.

Check out the video below to hear Hanapin Marketing experts Jeff Allen, Amanda West-Bookwalter and Christina Hall as they discuss cutting-edge ecommerce and search marketing best practices.

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Ecommerce Marketing: Find More Customers and Close the Deal Webinar Transcript

Viewer Questions We Didn’t Get to Answer:

1) What is the best way of increasing Campaign Quality score? not page quality score?

One of the best way of increasing campaign quality score is making sure to remember to write relevant ad copy including keywords from your ad group. When you create your ad group make sure that you have a tightly themed keyword list. I always try to keep the list around 20 keywords maximum. Also make sure that you are directing to the most relevant landing page. 

2) Is value per click the same as revenue per click?

Value per click can also be referred to as revenue per click. Value per click is just using the value that is in the AdWords account while revenue per click uses the actual revenue that is generated from your Analytics ecommerce tracking. 

3) Where can we get a step by step on some of these position bidding set ups?

The resources for the position bidding can be found here: https://www.ppchero.com/bid-management-from-basic-to-advanced/ and https://www.ppchero.com/find-your-ppc-accounts-optimal-ad-position-with-pivot-tables/