It seems like we don’t get the opportunity to make many news update announcements from Facebook these days, but today is not one of those days! Facebook has released a new version of their Advertising Guidelines that not only includes some changes, but also some general clean up to make it easier to understand and more organized.

Welcome to the Facebook Ads party offline casinos, legal gambling establishments,  and state and national lottery commissions! Part of the recent announcement from Facebook was that the preceding kinds of companies can now advertise via Facebook as long as they follow all other guidelines, are targeting appropriately (age, etc.) and are abiding by all applicable laws. Online gambling is still on the no advertising list in the U.S., but with prior authorization, may be accepted in other countries.

The next change is for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry and it isn’t so much of a change as it is a clarification. Ads are still not permitted for the sale or distribution of prescription pharmaceuticals or for online pharmacies, but the promotion of legal dietary supplements that are free of any prohibited substances are allowed. Those ads are still subject to following all other advertising guidelines, as well.

The final updates Facebook released were in regards to the Help Center. The main goal was to make the Help Center more complementary to the Advertising Guidelines by adding:

  • Examples of acceptable and unacceptable ads with detailed explanations and reasoning’s
  • A new layout that more closely resembles, and with specific requirements previously located in, the Advertising Guidelines. (All this means is the examples and restrictions previously listed in the Advertising Guidelines are now located in the Help Center, so be sure to check both when determining compliance!)

Do these most recent updates help or affect your PPC plan at all? Do you wish Facebook would have fixed something else first? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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