Facebook is an important sales and marketing channel for marketers. Facebook enables companies to reach potential paying customers and generate better results. 

But finding that extra edge that keeps your company ahead of the rest of the field isn’t always easy. That’s where Facebook Dynamic Ads comes in. Facebook Dynamic Ads allows companies to deliver more relevant, targeted ads to customers.

This guide will walk you through why Facebook Dynamic Ads are so important to digital marketers and how to use them effectively. Let’s jump into the article.

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads, and how do they work?

Facebook Dynamic Ads are more specific, targeted versions of regular online ads. They automatically change over time based on the actions of a user. For example, let’s say that you run a business selling car tires.

John is interested in car tires and is looking for a new set for his vehicle. He looked at a range of tires on your website and app. Then he left without making a purchase.

It looks like you missed out on a sale, right?

Maybe not. Facebook Dynamic Ads pick up on the fact that John has been using your website and browsing your inventory. Cleverly, it then targets John and feeds him specific car tire ads from your website through his Facebook newsfeed

John then becomes more familiar with your brand. These ads change over time based on his actions, planting those necessary seeds to encourage a sale. John is then far more likely to return to your website than going to a competitor’s site.  

Facebook Dynamic Ads can also be created to promote a whole host of content built around your brand or business, such as blog posts, positive customer reviews, and other benefits that only you can offer. 

Source:  Facebook 

Facebook spells out the benefits of the service on their site, but let’s strip it down and look a bit more in detail about how it can help you and your business. 

Benefits of using Facebook Dynamic Ads

Ads are just one part of the big picture when it comes to online marketing. Developing your website is crucial to the success of your business. That means you also need to keep abreast of web development trends. Complement your website with these tips for a high-converting Facebook Dynamic Ads strategy, and you’re good to go!

1- Carefully Segment Users

One of the great things about Facebook Dynamic Ads is that you can use Facebook’s custom combination to split your audience into segments. That allows you to show relevant ads to each one separately. 

To explain further, let’s bring John back again. John is interested in buying tires from your website. He added a set to his cart but didn’t complete the purchase. 

John can be placed in a cart abandonment segment. Ads are delivered to him about the product or service he almost purchased.

John’s friend Jack, on the other hand, is more of a casual browser. He visited your site and viewed a couple of tires but didn’t add anything to his cart. 

We can assume that Jack isn’t ready to buy. We can segment him onto a different list to John. Jack will receive ads that educate him about your company. 

There’s a lot of scope for creativity and automation. You can create ads for different purposes that are activated by the actions people take on your site or the way they engage with your ads.

2- Personalize the Look of Your Dynamic Ads

You can also create and apply templates to your ads to make them stand out from an increasingly crowded online marketplace. Be bold with designs, and don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other online ads that grab people’s attention

The image below demonstrates what you can do with colors, font sizes, typography, and more.

Source: Newsfeed.org

Make sure, too, that your ads are reflective of your brand voice. You want your target audience to immediately associate your ads with your brand. Check out this example from Gordon Rush, an American luxury footwear brand:

Source: Storeya

The Gordon Rush logo is there. Even the brand name is on the ad. The black and white colors reminiscent of the brand are also there. The result? One look at the ads, and you immediately conclude they’re from the shoe company. 

 3- Use Eye-Catching Images

Creativity in copy is one element, but amazing images can have an even bigger effect on sales. The saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ couldn’t be more appropriate here. 

Just as an example of how persuasive images in advertising can be, check out this example:

Source: Nanigans

The use of imagery helps make these products desirable. The more enticing the ads, the higher the chance people click on them and make a purchase.

Just be as creative as possible and highlight your product’s best features. Use a high-end professional-level camera if you have to. Also, remember that even the smallest detail counts. 

Make sure your formatting is correct, and aim to use a white background. That generally works best for sales ads.

4- Monitor your campaign 

Monitoring your campaign is critical. That’s the only way you’ll know, after all, if your ads work. 

So, check which CTAs work the best. Maybe red works better than white. Or, maybe the CTA “Shop now” works better than “Buy”. Also, take note of that ad copy that generates the most conversions and the ad copy that doesn’t perform so well.

Regularly updating product descriptions, the written content of your ads, CTAs, among others,  based on the results of your monitoring will help ensure you have an even more successful campaign the next time around.


Facebook Dynamic Ads is a fantastic tool you can use to extend your outreach to potential customers, increase sales and boost your profits.  You’ll save time and effort and deliver an instant increase to your KPIs. 

Just follow the tips in this article to use Facebook’s tool the right way. Segment your users, personalize the look of your ads, use eye-catching images, and, finally, monitor your campaign. By applying these strategies, you’ll surely see those sales rolling in.