Every year here at Hanapin Marketing we give our clients and close friends something special for the holidays. We don’t want to let a time that’s known for cheer and reflection to go by without showing our appreciation for everyone we work with. It’s been a truly wonderful year, and we like to thank the folks responsible.

This year, we wanted to make it extra personal, and to put faces and stories to the folks who work here at Hanapin. So we asked the entire company to submit their favorite holiday memories — what’s the one thing they immediately think of when they think of the holidays?

We got a lot of great responses, and we chose four to turn into personalized, PPC Hero-themed holiday greeting cards. We had Andy Toonz Studios, the illustrator who draws all of our PPC Hero imagery for the blog, bring those stories to life in the form of beautiful single-color line art, to give the cards an old-timey feel, and we printed them on thick linen card stock to add to the coziness.

An original sketch:

Hanapin Holiday Cards Sketch

And the finished product:

Hanapin Marketing Holiday Cards

Of course, if you know PPC Hero, you know we don’t do much that’s frivolous. We deliver actionable insights, in-depth how-to guides and other tips and tricks that lead to real-world results. So our holiday cards couldn’t be “just” well-wishes, could they?

Not a chance. On the back, we printed the story each card tells and attributed it to the team member who actually lived it–and beneath that, a detachable coaster for holding hot cocoa (or whatever your holiday drink of choice may be).

Hanapin Holiday Hot Cocoa Cards

Drinks are about being together, enjoying time with friends, family and acquaintances. And we sent one to everyone we could think of to let them know we’ve truly enjoyed our time with them this year.

Of course, there’s one group of people to whom we couldn’t deliver cards. That would be you, the tens of thousands of PPC Hero readers who deserve one as well! You’ve made our year, quite literally, a success, and we appreciate it every day. We don’t have your addresses (nor did we print enough cards to share with nearly enough of you), but hopefully this blog post will suffice. Enjoy these photos, and take our thanks, for everything YOU do to make PPC Hero and Hanapin Marketing a success.

Below are the contributors to the cards, and the story each tells. These folks are our heroes, and we hope you find hearing about their stories as heartwarming as we did:

Hanapin Marketing Holiday Card Stories

Clockwise from the upper-left, our Hanapin story contributors were:

  • Kristine Hyman, Client ManagerA horse for Christmas!
  • Rebecca Button, Administrative Assistant: Family story time
  • Mallory De La Rosa, Production Specialist: Matching PJs as an annual gift
  • Lauren Rosner, Production Specialist: Baking Italian Knot cookies

So from all of us at Hanapin and PPC Hero, Happy Holidays! We hope your season creates as many memories as these, and more.