Andy Komack over at KoMarketing.com talks about Keyword Strategies for B2B PPC Campaigns. I’d like to append to his list 3 ad text strategies for B2B PPC campaigns. Andy focuses more on targeting qualified traffic and generating only good leads through long-tail PPC keywords. It’s incredibly important to have the correct keywords in your PPC campaign in order to generate qualified B2B leads. But what is just as important is how you present yourself to these companies who are looking for you services through PPC ads. Being able to answer their question (query) or be the solution to their problem is essential. Here are three ways to write ad text to help qualify your traffic for B2B campaigns.

  1. Include price to qualify your leads. A lot of B2B companies have a revenue goal for each client, or they have a particular amount of business worth they’re targeting. This will help decrease unqualified users who are clicking on your ads. Here’s an example: we have a client who only works with companies that are worth 1 million dollars or more. In your ad text you can state:

    Looking to Sell Your Business?

    Broker for Businesses with Annual

    Revenue $1M or higher. Contact Us!

  2. Describe your target audience. Many times people can get confused whether you work only with companies or with individuals. For example, a recruiting solution firm that only works with companies who need recruits. This could get confused with individuals looking for a recruiting firm to help them look for a job. Be sure to include in your ad text what kind of customer you’re looking for. For example, stating the fact that “We Work with Large Companies” or “We Provide Custom Solutions for Business’ with Hiring Needs.” This should help eliminate anyone looking for a job from being mislead in the ad and clicking through.
  3. Include a call-to-action. If you prefer prospective clients to call you, I would highly recommend that you include your phone number in your ad text. If the client needs to fill out a form to request more information, be sure to include that in your ad text. This will let them know ahead of time the process of getting more information, and they may be more willing to fill out the form if they know it’s apart of the process. Examples, “Sign up today for more info” or Request more information” or “Contact us for more information”.

Remember, the most important thing to your client is to generate the most qualified leads as possible, not just any leads. Don’t be afraid to focus on getting only qualified traffic to your site to increase the likeliness that more qualified traffic will turn into good leads, not just any leads. You’ll save money in the end by clearly stating exactly who you want to click on your PPC ads.