Whether you are an established brand or a newcomer to the PPC world, if you are in retail you know that competition to grab your potential customer exponentially increases during Q4. Furthermore, there is now more opportunity on mobile than ever before.

Did you know that on mobile alone, conversion rate jumped 30% on Black Friday and 50% on Cyber Monday when compared to the beginning of November.

We know that when the holidays come around, the idea of “brand loyalty” is not as steadfast as it usually is. More than 75% of shoppers who generally go to the same physical store are more open to new retailers and brands online. In fact, after searching online, 76% of shoppers changed their mind about where they would shop and purchase from.

Google has done an excellent job showing the micro-moments that matter to potential buyers:

Image of retail moments

Searches related to “the best gifts,” “the coolest,” and “the most unique” rose more than 80% last holiday season. Shoppers are not necessarily looking for the cheapest, but rather the best gift they can get, with the most value.

Image of cool gifts

Smartphones allow shoppers to be a holistic research advisor and studies have shown that customers who shop (search) both online and in-store buy 250% more than those who do not. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Is your shopping feed running properly? Not sure? Fellow PPC Hero blogger, Carrie Albright, touches on what you could be doing to ruin your feed
  • Do you have micro-holiday promotions ready to go?
    • Thanksgiving
    • Black Friday
    • Cyber Monday
    • Free Shipping Day
  • Do you have supporting remarketing campaigns?
    • RLSA
    • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Last but not least, do you have search campaigns and ETAs ready to launch, with mobile tie-ins?

Not sure where to start or need help optimizing your holiday shopping campaigns? We have a team of PPC experts ready and waiting to help you make the most of the 2016 holiday shopping season.