Are you an iPhone user? Have you ever been stuck on a morning train to work, stuck in an air port, or just did not have access to a computer; but wanted to check-in on your website traffic? Situations likes these just got much easier to handle. Earlier in the week Google launched the Google Analytics app for iPhones, to make it easier for advertisers to look into their website statistics on-the-go.

This news may be irrelevant to some as the app was already available for Android users, and obviously the Analytics site has always been mobile friendly enough to check your statistics via phone. However, for iPhone users who check their sites statistics regularly this is great news as your stats are now just a click away!

The Analytics app is free for your iPhone or Android.

Do you want access to your Google AdWords statistics through an iPhone App as well? Great news! This feature is available for Hero Pro users! The PPC Headliner tool is an app that allows you to always be one click away from seeing your campaign level statistics. The PPC Headliner is just one great tool that comes with a Hero Pro registration. Check out the other tools available through Hero Pro.