Category: Analytics

What The gclid?

Most of us use auto-tagging, but don't know how it works. What does auto-tagging do and why is it important in your Google Ads...

Lessons Learned as a PPC Analyst

My six year Hanaversary is coming up, so I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting on what I’ve learned working as a PPC Analyst. I didn’t start out as an analyst, and didn’t always know this is where I would be at 6 years, but...

Analyzing the Impact of Multi-Brand Shared Keywords

Do you manage multiple accounts bidding on the same keywords? If so, you've probably wondered how this impacts the performance of each account. This post will discuss how to leverage Auction Insights with keyword data to give valuable insight into the performance of each account.

Upgrade Your Data, Upgrade Your Analysis

It’s easy to hit a rut in your analysis. Problems become stale, questions feel like they will never be resolved, and there isn’t anything left to find in the data. This is where adding extra data sources or facets can help.


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