Google announced today that after an outpouring of requests, Webmaster Tools data will finally be reachable through Google Analytics. Though this change is currently in limited pilot stages, you can sign up for the opportunity to take part in the integration.

According to Google’s statement, this addition to Analytics will be in the form of reports containing Google search data such as query information, clicks, impressions, click through rate and average position. All that data can be granulized and viewed using Analytics’ advanced filtering and visualizations, as well.

As discussed over on SEO Boy, this addition gives SEO’s the ability to get a more complete view of what is driving their site traffic, both before and after users get there, but what does this mean for PPC management? The truth is, right now, not much because the bulk of the information this first pilot provides is accessible in an AdWords account. However, Google also says that this is the first of many integrations of Webmaster Tools into Analytics that they hope to roll out in the near future, so could this potentially be useful with future additions? Start thinking about the ability to cross reference destination URL’s with your web page error report to save yourself some wasted clicks on broken landing pages and I bet you can come up with more! Share your thoughts and ideas below in the comments section!

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