According to the Google Adwords Agency Blog, your account conversion rate does not affect your account Quality score. While some of you may already know this, apparently there are many others that don’t.  And some of these people are actually implementing conversion codes on their site to track easy conversions just to try and increase their Quality Score.

Some advertisers using AdWords conversion tracking mistakenly believe that they should set an easy conversion event on their landing pages to artificially boost their conversion rates.  In reality, this will not actually have any effect on your Quality Scores, says the Google blog.

What does affect your PPC Quality Score is the click-through rate (CTR).  Google’s goal is to increase relevant websites to match with people’s searches. The higher your click-through rate is, the more relevant your site is to a user’s search. And that’s how Google makes their money; the more clicks an advertiser gets, the more they pay Google. So, if you really want to work on improving your Quality Score, then try to increase your click-through rates.

The best way to improve your click-through rates is to be sure your testing your ads.  Below are some fairly common tips advertisers use to increase their click-through rates, all of which I have used and are proven successful:

1.        Be sure to set your campaign settings for Ad Delivery to “Rotate” and not “Optimize.” The optimize setting automatically chooses the best ad for you without testing other ads in your ad group.

2.       Be sure to have more than 1 ad in each and every ad group.  In some cases I have 4 to 5 ads running with different messages so I can test which message is most effective.

3.       Be sure to separate out your keywords into highly targeted, very distinct ad groups. This will help you write better ads according to the few keywords in your ad group.

4.       Be sure to add your keyword in your display URL. This can sometimes create an additional bold text in your ad and can add another keyword that will catch the user’s eye. Example,

5.       Try to capitalize the first letter of each word in your ad. Some people don’t do this and it might help your ad stand apart from your competitors.

6.       When deciding which ad to pause or keep, be sure you are giving the ad enough time and clicks to accurately determine a winner or loser.

7.       With the economy in a recession, more and more people are only buying if there is a special deal or promotion going on. Use words like ‘Discount’, ‘Inexpensive’, ‘Outlet’ or even ‘Cheap’ if those words do describe your products. Remember though, in order to qualify your traffic, and don’t give any false impressions in your ad that a user won’t find true on your site. Example, if you’re selling high end musical instruments, using the word ‘cheap’ probably isn’t’ the way to go.  In addition to, if your site is having any promotional offers like free shipping or 20% off sales, be sure to say that in your ads.

These are just a few common ways to help increase your click-through rates to in turn increase your Quality Score. As always, PPCHero is your number one source for all things PPC! Check out our other blogs that help you write and test new ads to increase your click-through rates.