Google Economic Stats — A Comprehensive Analysis by Wordstream

By Megan Stout | @Hanapin | Senior Designer at Hanapin Marketing |

Last week, Google released its “disappointing” Q3 advertising revenues (up 3% from Q2 and up 16% year-on-year.) To shed some light on how Google’s advertising revenues reached a whopping $10.8 billion in Q3, our friends at WordStream have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of the performance of Google AdWords during the quarter.

WordStream researched over $1 billion dollars worth of AdWords spending. The findings:

  • A big decline in the average cost per click (CPC)
  • A significant growth in ad impressions and clicks
  • The top 10 industries and advertisers that spent the most on Google Ads in Q4, with average CPC, CTRs and conversion rates by industry

With the growth in ad impressions, combined with lower costs per click, advertisers are now literally able to get more customers for less spend! It’s the most comprehensive analysis of the AdWords system ever done!

Get more details from Wordtream’s infographic here:

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