Google recently announced it is investing in new ways to help people discover apps with Search Ads on Google Play. Search is one of the biggest drivers of app installs in the Play Store. Google will be innovating on new technologies to simplify campaign management and improve measurement for developers.

Search Ads On Google Play

Search Ads on Google Play will start to roll out this week to all advertisers and developers who use Search app install campaigns on AdWords.

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Google Play reaches more than 1 billion people on Android devices in over 190 countries. Search Ads on Google Play help developers drive more awareness of their apps. They also provide consumers new ways to discover apps that they otherwise might have missed.

Here are a few examples of and Nordeus and how they are extending their app promotion strategy to include showing ads on the Play Store.

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Android Conversion Tracking

Google is also introducing Android first app opens, a new conversion tracking solution that measures when a user first opens an app after clicking on an ad and completing an Android app install.

This new solution also allows developers to better align the conversion volume they see in AdWords with the data they see in a third-party measurement solution. First app opens are the standard conversion type for third-party solutions. Google is working with key partners like Tune, AppsFlyer and Kochava to give developers the freedom to use reporting and optimization features in AdWords and across third-party solutions.

Scale Your App Install Ads

Universal App Campaigns will help to promote apps on Google Play, Search, YouTube, the AdMob in-app network and the Google Display Network. All you have to do is let Google know what your ad will say, whom you want to reach, your budget and target cost-per-install, and Google will take care of the set up.

As the apps network continues to grow, Google said it is dedicated to creating products that help developers get their apps to the users who will love them.