Google Launches a New Adwords Help Forum

Today Google announced the launch of a new help forum for Adwords users.

This new and improved forum is a place for novice and advanced AdWords users to ask questions, get answers, build relationships among fellow PPC experts, not to mention, connect with businesses using Adwords.

Google says their own Adwords experts will frequent the forum and answer questions.

Here are some of the features Google mentions about the new forums:

  • Public recognition of Top Contributors and frequent posters
  • Improved search functionality and integration with the AdWords Help Center
  • Better spam detection and prevention
  • Question & answer format to help you find answers quickly
  • Ability to subscribe to ask questions and receive answers via email
You can check out the forum here.  It will be interesting to see what types of questions will be addressed in this forum and if any late breaking news will show up here before any other place in the blogosphere.  We’ll keep you posted!

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