We have some helpful videos this week to spice up your life, as well as much adieu about Quality Score. I guess there’s always adieu about Quality Score … Anyways, read on.

  • If you want to stay on top of the recent improvements to the calculation of Quality Score and what they mean for your clients, be sure to check out this post from Google.
  • For all of those advertisers out there that have thick skulls, Search Engine Guide put together a great top 10 list of ways to save money with PPC: Use Negative Keywords.  Yes, that was numbers 1-10.  Awesome.
  • The Ads Quality Basics video on YouTube provides a general introduction to Ads Quality, while the second video, Ads Quality Updates, goes beyond the basics and gives more detail on the recent changes made to Ads Quality.
  • The exploration of proper value proposition is important for SEM success. What is a value proposition? How can you use them to your advantage? The Marketing Experiments Blog has completed two insightful clinics that discuss these topics.
  • Take note of Google Product Search’s New Free Shipping Filter. You should be sure to update your feeds to include this!
  • This year’s bandwagon?  The economic downturn.  And Google has officially jumped aboard.  Search Engine Roundtable reported on Google’s announcement and documentation on “Top Tactics for Tough Times.”
  • In case you haven’t been paying attention to the Click Equations blog the last week, they’ve been pumping out tons of great content on Google’s Quality Score.  This post was the “final thoughts” for the series and I’m inclined to agree with these 2 conclusions:  Google’s lack of transparency is astounding and PPC managers *must* prioritize Quality Score management.