Apparently with Google, what you ask for is what you get! As a result of advertiser feedback, Google recently added a new feature to their keyword research tool that allows you to view the actual number of search queries per keyword in addition to the green bars for estimated volume.

keyword tool

The approximate search volume will show number of search queries for the previous month and the approximate average number of search queries over a 12 month period performed on Google and the search network.

Google calls out a few features that this tool has that can help you manage your accounts:

  • Account structure: You may want to create an ad group around a single high-traffic keyword that you find particularly relevant. This would allow you to closely target ad text and a landing page to that term.
  • Budget planning: See how much traffic is available to your keywords so you can appropriately plan your budget.
  • Keyword choice: Pick the keywords most likely to return quality leads within your budget.

I think this is great! Normally, I would have to do my keyword research in Google to find variations of keywords, then I’d have to go to another free keyword research tool to get the estimated number of searches.

This should really help people get a better idea of how many searches each keyword could bring in, in addition to saving advertisers a lot of time from having to go to multiple keyword research tools.