This week Google announced two data feed enhancements to Google Merchant Center — one that benefits large retailers by improving efficiencies, and one that assists small retailers to get on board more easily.

Fist off is online product inventory feeds. This new feed type lets you quickly update price, availability and sale price of all of your key products.

The second updates is Google Sheets add-on. This Sheets extension connects your spreadsheet directly to Merchant Center for a faster and easier upload.

These new data feed enhancements make it easier and faster to upload up-to-date product information to Google Shopping.

Online Product Inventory Feeds

The new online product inventory feeds make quick updates to product attributes, especially helpful if the price, availability, or sale price info for your products changes frequently. You will be able to update this information without having to re-submit the full product feed.

  • Faster feed processing: You will be able to submit new information for price and availability throughout the day to update these specific attributes.
  • Accurate product details: When your pricing or availability suddenly changes, update your affected items on the fly, this ensures that shoppers have the most relevant information.

Google Sheets Add-on

The new Google Sheets add-on simplifies how you create, upload and validate feeds. Google Sheets provide a quick way to get started with shopping ads for small and medium sized retailers.

  • Validate your products: The sidebar in the add-on allows you to validate individual rows or your entire Google Sheet. It also shows you any errors or warnings before you upload your data feed.
  • Upload your feed: From the Sheets sidebar, you can upload your entire spreadsheet into Merchant Center. The results of your upload are displayed directly in the sidebar, giving you immediate feedback and the ability to change data if necessary.


What do you think of these new improvements? How much will they help you with your shopping feeds?