It’s weird how Google just slips things into the AdWords reporting interface. In the course of pulling some Search Query Reports today, the PPC Hero team discovered that Google now has added a new report setting: Query Depth And don’t you know it, you can choose between Standard (pull the a-typical 1000 “other unique queries” report) OR, you can now choose Advanced! According to the reporting interface, the Advanced option will display “All Queries.”


Initially, we pulled our first Advanced (All Queries) report for the past few months – which still provided countless “other unique queries” entries. However, it has been rather consistent for new Google reports to only be valid from the date of launch. We haven’t seen one iota of reporting or announcements on this feature, so we decided to run the new report for the past 2 days (03/30 – 03/31). In this test, we found that the Advanced (All Queries) report displayed 441 search queries out of 445 searches. Not bad. Not bad at all!

Has anyone else stumbled upon this new Search Query reporting feature yet?

If so, have you tested it to see how accurate the “All Queries” statement is?

The bigger question really is – when is the official announcement going to be made?

Hello Google, can you hear me?

***Update (5 minutes later) – Just checked a broad spectrum of my AdWords accounts, and this isn’t widely spread.  Only found it in a small portion of accounts (bigger spenders, of course).***