We’re very excited to officially announce that Paul Feng will be speaking at Hero Conf 2013! Feng is responsible for all AdWords advertiser tools and interfaces at Google, including AdWords.google.com, AdWords Editor and the AdWords API.

As a keynote speaker, Feng will join a roster of elite PPC pros like Bryan Eisenberg, Andrew Goodman and David Rodnitzky. See the full speaker list here and check out the other great PPC topics we’ll be covering at this year’s conference, including:

Hero Conf is programmed by Hanapin Marketing, the same team behind PPC Hero, and it’s the only search engine marketing conference that covers nothing but pay-per-click topics—just like our blog.

This year’s conference will be held in Austin, TX from April 8–10. We’re expecting 200 attendees, plus 47 speakers & more than 30 sessions. Hope to see you there!