[Recording] Grab Attention Like A Champion: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a handy social advertising tool that can help you take your business to the next level. Right now, you may find yourself asking, “How do I use the LinkedIn ad network to its fullest potential?”

Lucky for you, the Heroes at Hanapin and Clix Marketing have an answer for you! This Thursday, one of each company’s best and brightest will discuss all of those things that can help push average business relationships over the edge and even walk you through how to do it! Learn details about how LinkedIn advertising works, see relationship building in action and discover how to make the most of your ads.

During the webinar, they will provide live demonstrations of what works best and why. John Lee and Carrie Albright will give you best practice methods of connecting through LinkedIn ads, and how to follow through. After a quick brush up on how LinkedIn works, Carrie and John will help you to become the champion of your own ad networking.

This week’s webinar will focus on how to maximize your LinkedIn connections and use their ad network like a champ:

  • How to use the LinkedIn ad network.
  • Understanding the nuances of LinkedIn capabilities.
  • How to determine who your best connections could be.
  • Live tutorial for using LinkedIn to its fullest advertising potential.

Here is a SlideShare slideshow of the webinar:

And a youtube video of the recording:

And a youtube video of the recording:

Don’t forget our next webinar! Next Thursday, November 14th, at 12PM EST!

To sign up, just follow the link below!

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