Happy Birthday to Bing!

By Mark Casey | @Mark_Casey | Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing

We wouldn’t be PPC Hero if we didn’t acknowledge the search engines whose exacting and popular technology makes all of this possible–and so we’re pleased as punch to wish our friends over at Bing a very happy birthday!

It’s been quite a year for Bing–here are just a few our favorite highlights:

  • We would not be PPC Heroes if we didn’t mention how much we geeked out when Bing announced fancy preformatted excel reports.
  • And the launch of their traffic quality center continued to help deliver search ad performance and analysis in new ways.
  • But perhaps our favorite (you can call us biased if you want) were all of those handsome Bing cowboy hats during Hero Conf 2013. Really. We still have ours.

Happy Birthday Bing!

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