Register for a free PPC agency webinarIt’s not always easy to know if your relationships are working as well as they could. When you first start with a new agency, what kind of questions should they ask? What kind of questions should you ask? And later, do you feel like your account manager isn’t providing the kind of feedback you need? What if the feeling is mutual?

This week, in a webinar built to help both agencies and their clients work better together, Hanapin Marketing experts Kayla Kurtz and Sam Owen will run down a list of 14 red flags to watch out for when dealing with an agency.

Red flags include:

  • Why guarantees are dangerous
  • Why focusing on a specific metric can hide performance problems
  • How to make sure you can easily speak to the person who actually manages your account

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Register for a free PPC Agency webinar now

This webinar takes place on Thursday, June 6 at 12:00 pm EDT.